Essay about Training Needs For An Organization

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Background to training needs in an organisational context
There are many different definitions of a training need. According to Garavan et al (2003) who defines a training need as follows:

" We define a training need as a need for human performance improvement arising from a deficit or an opportunity that can be met by an appropriate training intervention"

Its is very important for organisations to identify gaps in performance, or gaps in future performance and more importantly if training is an appropriate intervention that can meet those gaps. Training and development will not fix all perceived problems or weakness 's. Training needs can be described as reactive and proactive. When a organisation identifies a gap in performance and recommends a suitable training intervention, this is a reactive measure, reacting to the present situation. It could be described as a proactive measure when an organisation has identified a possible gap in future performance and recommends a suitable training interventions. We can see how training needs play an important role in the strategic planning of an organisation. Training needs can occur at any level within an organisation. At company level where performance or weakness affects the overall organisation. At departmental or within specific roles, where performance or weakness can have an affect on an entire department or specific group of people. At individual level, where gaps in, knowledge, skills or attitudes can have…

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