Training Facilities : The Small And Medium Enterprise Foundation

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Training facilities:
The Small & Medium Enterprise Foundation, widely known as SME Foundation, is a limited company licensed by the Ministry of Commerce as a not for profit organisation. It works in helping the SME entrepreneurs including the women entrepreneurs by conducting various programs with an aim to develop the SMEs of Bangladesh. ‘E-Marketing For SMEs’ is one of the signature training programmes targeted to skill development of small and medium scale entrepreneurs in using new media and online platforms for the benefits of their business. It has also some bespoke short courses on entrepreneurship development, Bank loan-able Project Proposal etc. SME Foundation gives advice on Enterprise formation, the source of raw materials and marketing strategy. It also arranges Fairs for SME regionally all over Bangladesh.

Similarly, Small and Cottage Industries Training Institute, a BSCIC initiative under Ministry of Industries, has also sort of tailored courses on Entrepreneurship Development to establish the industry and business profitably. These are within the reach of youth in regards to course fees ranging from taka 500 to 2000. No doubt, if someone has any idea, this training will sharpen it or if someone is looking for an idea, it also assists to generate an idea. Bangladesh Inspired, Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management and Bangladesh Institute of Professional Studies has also arranged short courses on entrepreneurship development, among others.

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