Train To Pakistan Novel Analysis

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Plot and settings of “Train to Pakistan”
“Train to Pakistan” is written by “Khushwant Singh”. It was published in 1956. This novel based on partition.
The novel began with the description of weather. It was the summer of 1947 and was hotter and longer than usual. People started thinking that it was the punishment of their sins. Bloodshed and riots were at peak due to the air of partition of India.
The settings of this novel based on a small imaginary village near the north southern part of India on the bank of river Sutlej named “Mano Majra”. Like Mano Majra there were many villages, where there happened to be no effect on the calamity of partition. The village consisted of tree buildings. One was of “LaLa Ram LaL”, the only Hindu family living
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It actually was filled with dead bodies and smell of blood of innocent people. Everyone was frightened and they left their homes and started living in gurdawaras. There they prayed all the time. There was no sign of life or death in Mano Majra.
The people moved towards its end when a group of Sikh soldiers with their leader arrived in gurdawara. They gave an emotional speech and asked in aggressive tone that why they let the Muslims go alive while they killed thousands of Sikhs and also convinced them to be the part of their team in order to increase the strength. They also shared the plan to kill the passengers of Muslim’s train which will go to Pakistan by passing through this railway station.
On the other hand, Iqbal and Jaggu were released and brought into the village by tanga and they made them aware that village is changed, and Muslims has gone. Jugggu thought about Nooran (her beloved) and ran towards the fields because accoding to him she would be in fields. He found her nowhere and by some links he came to know the plan of killing Muslims. He went at railway station and moved towards the rope which was settled by the soldiers to kill the Muslims who would be sitting at the roof of the train. He started cutting rope and while cutting he received many bullets. He continued cutting and finally succeeded but after sometime he fell and the train went over him. Finally the train went to Pakistan

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