Holocaust Propaganda

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There have been many tragic events that have happened throughout history. Some examples of these events include The Great Depression, The Attack on Pearl Harbor, and The Civil War. These actions can affect an individual’s life because they had to experience a really disastrous period in their life. Propaganda was a way that people would spread rumors about others and show that they hated them. There was also a lot of propaganda spreading around to German Nazis about the Jews because of how much they were hated. All of this hatred and propaganda about the Jews lead to the Jewish Holocaust. Hatred and discrimination were some examples of how the Nazis would show that they didn’t like the Jews. Hitler and the Nazis were targeting the Jews …show more content…
These camps were basically a working camp for the Jews. They were required to work for many hours, sometimes even the whole day. If the Jews didn’t pace themselves and work fast enough, then they would get punished or beaten up. An example of the punishment included death. Sometimes after the hanging, the Jews who had survived had to look at the hanging as a warning. Not only that but they didn't get paid for any of the jobs. The food they were given was barely any, often a piece of bread or watery soup. The Jewish people took food and felt like this was the only thing they had left with them as survival. The concentration camps also had gas chambers which would make them die of a toxic gas. The Nazis tricked the Jews in thinking that these gas chambers were actually …show more content…
Anti-Semitism is hatred against the Jews. The Nazis used many things to show that they hated the Jews. One way was by spreading propaganda and talking about things that the Jews did that weren’t even true. Most of these things the Jews were spreading around were mostly negative.

Antisemitism was a way for the Nazis to show their hatred against the Jews. Anti Semitism changed the life of the Jews during the war. The nazi used this role of hatred and dislike toward the jews to make them feel like they weren’t part of the nazis and there community. “The Nazis also ordered anti-jewish boycotts, staged book burnings, and enacted anti-Jewish legislation. The kristallnacht was a way to discriminate the Jewish people.”

The kristallnacht was an incident that involved the Nazis terrorizing the Jews and their homes. They did things like torch their synagogues, which was the jewish house of prayer, vandalized homes, schools, and businesses. “Over 1,000 Jewish synagogues and over 7,500 Jewish businesses were destroyed, and approximately 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and taken to concentration camps”. The kristallnacht also included the Nazis attacking the jews and their personal belongings. It got its name because of all of the glass scattered around the from Jewish-owned stores, buildings, and

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