Tragedy Of The Commons : An Interminable Paradox Essay

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Tragedy of the Commons: An Interminable Paradox
Essayist Garrett Hardin, in his paper, “Lifeboat Ethics: The Case against Helping the Poor”, argues that human beings are involved in a slowly increasing state of world devastation as they continue to misuse the world’s resources and, consequently, refuse to provide the adequate resources in return for their plundering. Hardin’s purpose is to educate the intellectual public of this matter so that measures might be taken and unreasonable solutions disposed of. He adopts an informative and serious tone in order to covey the urgency of the matter; additionally, he speaks practically and intellectually in order to appeal to his academic audience.
Hardin centers his prophetic analysis in the section titled “The Tragedy of the Commons”. It is evident through his eloquent and thought-provoking writing that Hardin addresses his analysis to an educated group, and particularly to those of a scientific and agricultural predisposition. As a section introduction, Hardin compares the world to a pasture. Succeeding this comparison is the author’s analysis of the public’s treatment of the pasture: everybody requires something of the pasture, but not everyone is willing to provide the resources necessary to upkeep it. Referred to as the commons, Hardin argues that this pasture is predestined for ruin as the earth’s population continues to grow (585). Demonstrating noticeable intelligence through his continuing agricultural metaphor, it is…

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