Traffic Security Case Study

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Question A1: How can the department of traffic Services at UAE benefit from applying a BI solution?
The traffic police department in UAE (United Arab Emirates), using business intelligence in by adopting predictive business analytics. This enabled the traffic police department to identify the areas of the city that were more prone to accidents, and thereby enable more traffic police officers to be placed in those locations to prevent incidents. An increasing challenge faced by the traffic police department is the increasing amounts of information flowing into the traffic police as a result of security alerts and improved data collection. BI can be effectively adapted to control air traffic, train traffic, road traffic.
Air traffic service:
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BI provide signaling system in trains. This system is designed with the help of not only on-board speed control functions presented by Programmed Station Stop Control (PSSC) and digital Automatic Train Control (ATC) but also control functions offered via the Train Traffic Control System (TCS) and centralized train operation monitoring in the Operation Control Center (OCC).
Road traffic service: BI solutions help in traffic control by providing signals and traffic statistics. By using these solutions traffic police can control on traffic. BI is helpful in increasing the performance traffic service.
Question A2: Which kind of technology will be most suitable for the implementation of services you have suggested e.g. Data warehouse, DSS, Data Mining, Text Mining, perhaps some specific combination, some other BI tool/solution? Please justify your answer.
Data warehouse technology will be most suitable for the implementation of traffic police services. For example data warehouse traffic, consider the road traffic and trains and air traffic of a city. The workload of a typical road traffic can be passenger vehicles, construction and maintenance vehicles, supply trucks, and emergency
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The main goal of Data ware house is to maximize use of current infrastructure to provide acceptable and consistent query response times. In order to help traffic police to accomplish their goal, current workloads must be understood.

Question A3: What problems may be encountered when an organization is trying to adapt a BI solution for a first time?
BI teams should have to clearly define the project’s approach before selecting a tool or building a data warehouse. The BI team should spend time in talking with the end-users to find out what end data they require and how they plan to identify and use the information. It is important to deliver applicable information to the appropriate people, on-time, as well as in a way they could easily understand. There are various problems that might be encountered when an organization is trying to adapt a BI solution for a first time
• Too much data
• Poor data quality
• Limited access to

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