Traffic, Conversion, And Revenue Essay

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Traffic, Conversion, and Revenue
Retail sales reached $3.22 trillion in 2015 up 9.7% from 2014 and e-commerce represented 10.6% share of retail sales (E-Commerce, 2016). The Top 500 Web Merchants represented $286.2 billion an 84% share of the total e-commerce sales in 2015. Amazon ranked no. 1 growing 16.3% outpacing e-commerce overall up 15%. A website success is measured by how well it generates traffic, drive conversions and generates revenue. This document will examine several websites and how well they measure in traffic, conversions and revenue.
E-commerce ranks no 4 in the U.S. for traffic and no 8 globally (Website Traffic, 2016). Research shows that Amazon converts consumers at a rate of 22% higher than the average conversion rate of the largest online merchants in North America (Zaroban, 2015). Amazon has 40 million Prime members that pay an annual fee of $99 (O’Connor, 2015). Studies show that Amazon conversion rate among Prime members is 63% within the same visit. The average online retailer has a conversion rate of 3.32% while Amazon converts nearly four times at 13% for nonmembers (O’Conner, 2015). Amazon’s traffic comes from around the world. The United States represents 64% of Amazon’s traffic while 4.5% comes from China and 3.5% come from Japan (Website Traffic, 2016).
Search engines generate 12% searches for Amazon. Keywords used in search engine for Amazon include Amazon, Amazon Prime and video and music (Website Traffic, 2016).…

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