Essay on Traditional Practices Of The Modern Western Wedding

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The earliest documented occurrence of a formal ceremony marking the unity between a man and woman was in 2350 B.C, in Mesopotamia (Peterson). Since then, the concept of a wedding has evolved greatly and is now something celebrated in almost every society around the world, with different traditions found in each culture. In this essay I will be focusing on the traditional practices of the modern western wedding such as the bride’s white dress, the rings the couple wears to symbolize their marriage, the bride’s father giving her away, and, of course, the dreaded name-change. Many contemporary feminists argue that weddings and marriages in general are outdated and archaic because of the female-ownership connotations associated with these celebrations, as well as the obsession many wedding traditions seem to have with the woman’s virginity. I will gladly be the first one to admit that weddings in the past were extremely problematic and anti-feminist; modern weddings, however, are not entirely.
Imagine entering a bridal salon. Everything in sight is either white, ivory, or champagne colored – the dresses, the veils, the furniture, even the walls! For years, the traditional wedding color has been white, or some variation. Many people think this is because the color was originally meant to commemorate the bride’s virginity before she was married off and “soiled”, but this is incorrect. In fact, in biblical times the color meant to symbolize purity was actually blue! (Keene) And…

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