Tradition And Style Of An Artist Essay

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The concept of tradition and the was tradition is preserved comes into play among many other communities of potters. Tradition can be seen as a set of limitations on a potter or an opportunity for a manifestation of communal artistry. If one of the key characteristics defining an artist, is their agency over their creative decisions and a tradition that sets a guideline for how their pots should be made their agency could be said to be removed from the equation. Jon Muller argues that tradition and style are not necessarily limiting factors and that, mathematically speaking, there are infinite ways that style can manifest under set restrictions or guidelines of culture. Other scholars have argued the opposite. Herschel B. Chipp who claimed that among the Maori indigenous population of New Zealand, there was a “drastic limitation upon the field within which the artist’s own personal inventiveness had to be confined” (1971: 168). According to Chipp any deviance from the set rules for these communities of craftsmen, was believed to have severe repercussions in impeding their connection to the spiritual world. While Chipp does call Maori crafters, artists, he is essentially saying that they didn’t have the agency that individuals need to be able to exercise their creative freedoms as artists. One of the key supporting factors of the argument of pottery being an artform is that fact that so many vessels are decorated in someway. Regardless of the reason for decoration, whether…

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