Toys And The Broad Sense, Children 's Film And Literature Essay

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Toys and Childhood
1. What role do toys (including, in the broad sense, children 's film and literature) play in our society? When responding, please draw from the article "From Control to Adaptation" and your own experience.
The role toys play in our society is shaping the way children see themselves and others in gender roles, in competition, and in general "play" (either alone or with one another.) This "play" or "playing with toys" as young people creates a social background for each individual on how they react to others, and to the game or toy they are playing with, which promotes thinking skills, coordination, acceptance, and empathy for the level of achievement or difficulty each individual in each society may learn. There is also a beneficial observance children can make or learn about themselves. In the article, "From Control to Adaptation," the writer says "Nothing defines us more than our toys," probably because in Pop Culture, toys are so popular they have become immortalized in children 's literature and films and television shows. Children like to read and learn about toys and how other people feel about their own toys, because of the hapiness and comfortability toys give us in society. These media outlets, as we get older, remind us of our upbringing and childhood memories that we have become fond of, and a way of looking at our past and how we learned to have "fun." Books, film, and television also embrace the imagination that toys bring out in us and…

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