Toyota Talent Developing Your People The Toyota Way Essay

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Toyota Talent Developing Your People the Toyota Way by Jeffrey K. Liker and David Meier was written after two prior published books regarding Toyota Company’s management- The Toyota Way and The Toyota Way Fieldbook. The authors decided to come up with this third installment of the Toyota series book because of the intention of explaining in details the 4P model of excellence (philosophy, people, problem solving and process) that was introduced in the previous books. Though this reading material is part of a series it can be read alone, meaning, one may not need to read the prior marketed books to be able to understand this.
I chose to do review with this particular book for Health Care Economics subject because I wanted relate and or rather meet the third, fourth, and sixth learning outcome of the course which are to explain why economics is applicable to health care services, to distinguish between the principal ways of funding health services, and to identify the factors which have determined the growth of health care spending, respectively. Moreover, this book catches my attention because I want to have a deeper study of how to develop talented people at the same time achieving incredible outcome for the company I will, hopefully, be connected to in the future. As a student of Diploma in Health Services Management this must be a good reading material to introduce myself on how to manage people in my work arena.
Toyota Talent is divided into four…

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