Essay on Toxic Workers And Toxic Employees

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A representative from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern stated “the term “toxic” is meant to convey both a person’s ability to cause harm and their propensity to infect others with their bad attitude” (Pazzanese, 2015). Many people may be able to relate to such a term because at some point throughout an individual career, they have most likely encountered a toxic employee in their work place. Toxic employees have a damaging effect on coworkers and an organization. “Toxic employees make their teammates 54 percent more likely to quit and cost employers up to three times more in hiring fees” (Housman, 2015).” Their misbehavior can spread throughout an organization rapidly. Toxic employees’ misbehave in ways such as occurs sexual harassment, workplace violence, bullying, and fraud just to name a few. The direct impact of a toxic employee is great, but their indirect impact on an organization could be greater. Thus is why, studies have been done to answer questions that will help guard against toxic employees.

Toxic Employees in the Work Place: Hidden Costs and How to Spot Them
There is a great demand for superstar employees in every business sector of the world. This type of employee receives the most attention, best opportunities, and compensation for their skills and knowledge. Research has shown that employees who perform at a high level are “four times as productive as average workers,…they may generate 80% of a business’s profits and…

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