Touched By An Angels By Maya Angelou Essay

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The poem that I have chosen to write about was Touched by an Angels by Maya Angelou. Which was about expresses the information that while love can hurt us it is eventually the only things that can heal the damage that it has caused, we can learn to use love in our favor. If we accept it and learn to love than we can live our life fearless. That love costs so much because we have to be open, be honest and show who we really are, we have to give and receive and be courageous enough to do that. Despite the fact it is so scary, it is only in reality allowing true reciprocated love that we will be free. Touched by an Angels is a poem that has symbolisms that can help express its message.
The symbolisms in the poem are coiled in shells of loneliness, in the flush, holy temple, chains, Angel, love, life, train, pain, bold, souls, dare, cost, light, liberating, ecstasies and timidity.
Coiled in shells of loneliness mean to live in our own little world.
Temple is other people, human body, building devoted to the worship, and God. In the flush is surrounded, strong emotions, abundant supply of something, and a state of great development.
Holy temple is biblical, believers, any place or object in which God dwells, as the body of a Christian, value, pure and divine.
Chains is death, ending, binds, restrains and a series of things connected.
Angel is a messenger, one of a class of spiritual beings; a celestial attendant of God, immaterial beings made of pure spirit, protection,…

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