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Tottenham Hotspur plc
In early 2008, Daniel Levy, chairman of Tottenham Hotspur Football1 Club, was contemplating a bold move for the organization, one that he hoped would help vault the team into the upper echelon of the English Premier League (“Premiership”). Despite the club’s long and storied history, Levy felt that the team’s future success likely required a significant investment in physical assets, notably the development of a new stadium. Tottenham currently played in an old stadium called White Hart Lane with a capacity of only 36,500 fans, but had the opportunity to build a new stadium on some adjacent property. Most of their key competitors, such
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The club viewed the training ground (the second pillar of their strategy) as also crucial to the third pillar, which was to continually improve the quality of the team. Having a stateof-the-art training ground was a major selling point in recruiting new players, both young players whom they hoped to develop, as well as star players from other clubs or countries whom they hoped to acquire.

Commercial Overview
The Spurs (as the team was referred to by its fans) had a passionate fan base numbering an estimated 20 million people worldwide, including 2.1 million in the United Kingdom. The 36,500 capacity stadium at White Hart Lane was sold out for every game, and there was a waiting list for season tickets of over 20,000 people. As the club’s commercial director noted, “football fans are more likely to change their spouses than their football club,” a sentiment reflected in the fact that over 54% of Spurs fans claim to have supported the club for 6 years or more The club had created a “One Hotspur Membership” scheme, attracting over 70,000 fans, which offered varying levels of benefits ranging from insider team updates to occasional ticket packages to full season ticket packages, in order to further expand and monetize their brand and fan base. Overall, the

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