Essay on Torture Is An Ethical Concept

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Imagine that someone has buried your family alive. You have the suspect in custody, but the only way to get the location of your family and save them, is if you torture the suspect. What do you do? By not torturing the suspect, your family dies, but is torture justified? I believe that in extreme circumstances torture is justifiable, when the lives of innocents outweigh the comfort of the guilty. In recent years torture has become a highly debated topic. After 9/11, President Bush authorized the use of torture against suspected terrorists of the United States. Although, torture is prohibited in international law, President Bush saw it as the only way to keep America safe. Torture is now a widespread interrogation method used across the world ("Human Rights Abuses in the USA"). Whether torture is justifiable is an ethical concept because it impacts human rights and dignity. Torture is only justified under extreme, time-sensitive situations when the lives of innocent people are at stake. Those in support of torture believe that it is justifiable in extreme circumstance. Pro-torture advocates feel as though the means justify the ends, and that it is our duty to protect the lives of the greater amount of people. They see it as a lesser of two evils and a choice that they can live with because they know that if they didn’t, they would have let hundreds of innocents die, it would be a choice they would regret their whole life (Krauthammer). Moreover, “Torture can be morally…

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