tornadoes Essay

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1) Why was the use of the telescope by Galileo, 400 years ago, such a significant event in the history of astronomy? (120 words, 2 marks)
The introduction of Galileo's refracting telescope was a significant event in history because of the conclusions Galileo proved using his instrument. He disproved the Roman Catholic Church's belief that the Earth was at the centre of the universe, instead of the Sun. He observed the moon-like areas on Venus that could only be true if the Sun was at the centre of the universe. He further discovered that the Moon did not have a smooth surface, but was covered with mountains and craters. Galileo also discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter, reinforcing that the Sun was at the centre of the universe.
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What has Cassini discovered and why is the discovery so important? (120 words, 3 marks)
Cassini is a NASA project which has been allowing astronomers to study and analyse Saturn’s small moon Enceladus, by passing over the satellite and relaying images. The most recent and important discovery made by Cassini are the ‘tiger stripes’. These are long fissures on the surface of the moon created by the gravitational pull and force of Saturn. This is an important finding, as the long fissures can only be explained if there is a larger body of water laying beneath the surface. This can be reinforced by the jets of water vapour that emerge from these fissure lines. More importantly, the presence of liquid water is an ingredient of life and leads for more investigations into this.

6) What is meant by the "Universal Tree of Life"? How is it derived and what are its main features? [150 words, 3 marks]
The "Universal Tree of Life" illustrates the evolutionary descent of all types of life on Earth. The tree is derived by comparing the DNA sequences of a gene for small sub-unit ribosomal

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