Top High School Athletes And College Basketball Essay

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One-and-Dones in College Basketball
Players who play only one year in college basketball helps players develop their game before going pro, but they are missing out on a higher education and lowering the standards of the college game. College Basketball has been receiving criticism on how many years a player has to stay in school. For all other major sports it is a three year minimum that you have to stay in college, however basketball is different. NBA created a rule that made it to where high school players couldn’t enroll in the NBA draft until one year after high school. You can go to: college, play overseas, or the NBA development league. The most common route for these top high school players is to go to a top college basketball program, and develop for a year then they shoot off to the pros. The real problem that people do not realize is that the NBA controls the rule. If the NBA still had the going pro out of high school rule there would be nobody leaving after one year in college. If the NBA put the rule back in place it would create a larger minimum of years that can be played in college. This would result in less transfers, and you see the players develop each year and step up into a role that they have been working for many years. College Basketball at one point in history was a great program to go through, before the leaving early before you graduate culture began. If you had the skills a top college program would recruit you to there school on a full athletic…

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