Essay about Top 10 Reasons For Going Veggie

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The creator of the vegan website Down to Earth, Mark Fergusson, emphasizes the incredible benefits of a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle in his article, “Top 10 Reasons for Going Veggie.” In Fergusson’s view, it is unethical and unreasonable for one to dine on flesh food while they can devour in a plethora amount of vegetables, fruits, and everything plant-based to receive the benefits one will not gain by consuming meaty food. As he indicates the top ten reasons for a flesh food consumer to convert to an all in all plant-based diet, Fergusson focuses on all the marvelous aid it will do to change one’s health to a better and safer lifestyle. The author ends his article on a note that claims the conversion is not as complex and tough as it may seem, but rather quite simple as there are many alternatives for meat and that vegetarian meals can be “tasty, fast, and easy.”
Fergusson strongly advocates that the elimination of flesh foods for a plant based diet can save not only one, but many lives. He does so by providing his readers with the impressive benefits and perks of a veggie lifestyle change over. Using data, statistics, and testimonies, Fergusson confirm to his meat-eating readers that everything he specifies in his article is more than reliable. It is sensible to Fergusson when he concludes that when one consumes healthier food for their body, one’s health will not only be healthier but it is a complete lifestyle change for a healthier future for everyone. Through the…

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