Tomasello 's Account Of Cultural Learning Essay

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Tomasello 's Account of Cultural Learning
Tomasello founds accumulative cultural evolution account based on cultural learning. He identifies three forms of cultural learning in hierarchical order, based on the perspective that the learner would take through this process, being reflective, mental or intentional agent. He emphasizes on the reciprocal relation between human cognition and culture as a result of active participation of agent with its capability of perspective taking towards itself, others through intersubjectivity, and environment. This implies that cultural learning is partly individual since an active agent, direct her attention to something out of herself and participates actively in her enculturation that is mostly ignored among cultural psychologists and it is partly social “in a way that individual learning supported by social environment is not (1993,P.496)” since the learner is not learning from, but learning through another person by taking perspective to see the situation from the internal point of view of the other that continues over the time even the original process is over. This is what enables him to differentiate cultural learning from other kinds of learning such as social learning due to its different processes and the resulting cognitive product. Tomasello, emphasizes that human being lives in culture while even complex social animals still live in groups; thus he differentiates a social being from a cultural being for a qualitative…

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