Tom Ridge Environmental Center Observation

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Tom Ridge Environmental Center The science and description breadth is an area that seeks to find answers. There must be a fact or end result and entails much experimentation. It can involve anything living such as our bodies and nature and includes the world and beyond around us. One such place observed is the Tom Ridge Environmental Center in Erie, Pennsylvania. This center is full of learning experiences for all ages.
Observation of the Center
The Tom Ridge Environmental Center is somewhere I have never been to, but always wondered what it actually was. It is at the entrance to Presque Isle State Park which is almost completely surrounded by Lake Erie. Presque Isle is approximately 3200 acres and is home to many different kinds of
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There are many exhibits on wildlife, nature, culture and science. The glass observation tower looks over Presque Isle, the lake, and a local amusement park nearby. One of the big exhibits is a giant 4 story theater screen that shows educational movies. There are many exhibits about the wildlife and teaching how to identify each type of animal. There are also several exhibits about weather and how it effects the globe and local communities. Many local students have been part of the research done at the environmental center. These students include local high school and college students as well. One of the exhibits included a short film about how life has evolved in the Erie area. It slowly shows a progression of life and people that lived in and around Erie, PA. There is a cultural diversity in the city of Erie. Even though the city and surrounding areas is predominantly Caucasian, there are a fair amount of other ethnical races. Once you get into the center of the city it becomes more evident that there is a broad spectrum of different racial …show more content…
My father-in-law was good friends with Tom Ridge before he moved on to bigger positions in the government. Never did I consider it to be a big part of Erie culture, Presque Isle, and the wildlife that lived on or near it. I learned many things that I bring back to me at home and any time I visit Presque Isle. I have biked, hiked, and swam at the peninsula and never considered the environment around me. The education that I learned is valuable to not only me but everyone no matter where they are from or cultural background they

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