Anastasi's The Successful Entrepreneur: American Dream Done Right

A Review of Tom Anastasi’s The Successful Entrepreneur: American Dream Done Right; otherwise known as his “The field guide for everyone who is planning on opening their own business or already have their own business” (9) to his readers. Anastasi begin his book with an introduction thinking his audience for driving the economy by stated “If you’re reading this, you’re special you’re started a business or you’re thinking about it. You’re very brave, indeed. You drive our economy, thank you” (8). Anastasi’s, who himself drive our economy with being a small business owner himself has also been a SBDC business consultant and a professor at Harvard University where he taught leadership. Anastasi’s is currently the MBA director and former Dean of Graduate and Continuing Studies at Daniel Webster College. After reading through Anastasi’s book, his purpose of writing The Successful Entrepreneur presences itself to people who are thinking about starting their own business or already owns their business, by giving information on how to run a business through his tips and subjections from personal …show more content…
Within the twenty-one chapters he goes into different strategies on how to become a successful business owner through his own personal experience, and what he has learned from others. In chapter one, the successful entrepreneurs, Anastasi begins the chapter by stating that an entrepreneur is, a risk taker by definition, but by the end of the chapter he explains to everyone although they might have to make risk in the beginning it will all pay off within 5 years of running a business. Anastasi’s also makes sure he give his audience the know how throughout the twenty-one chapters, but he also wrote each chapter where it was easy to navigate through all the

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