Essay on Today 's World A New Trend

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In today’s world a new trend is beginning to emerge and that is islamophobia. Western societies all over the world are beginning to express hate and fear toward all Muslims. A story that has recently hit the news is about a boy in Texas who brought a clock to school and was arrested because the clock looked like a bomb. It is safe to assume that the boy was of Middle Eastern descent. According to Haroon Moghul of CNN, "America (has woken) up to its Islamophobia problem. … Because let 's be real. The clock didn 't look like a bomb. Ahmed just looked to some like someone who might want to make bombs. He 's that very menacing brownish color that racists and bigots associate with either everything south of Texas or some country they probably think is called Terroristan. … He 's got a doubly Muslim name. Are you surprised he was arrested?" These are the things that are happening in today’s world, suspecting fourteen year old children of terrorism. By arresting him, the state of Texas is fostering an environment where it is okay to stereotype people. This will show younger generations that it is okay to call out anyone who doesn’t look like you or act like you. The notion that the religion of Islam does not fit well with western lifestyle and should be sent back to where it belongs is what the west is beginning to turn to and this is a stepping stone to the events that led up to the holocaust. First and foremost, attacking a group of people based on religion is unconstitutional…

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