Tobias English Essay

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Tobias English Essay

The short story Tobias involves two characters, a couple. The story mainly evolves around two themes, gender-roles and childishness. I will through this essay touch and a few subjects, the characters, the setting and the themes.

There is, as stated two characters in the story, the protagonist, Tobias and Miriam. Tobias is an unemployed guy living at his girlfriend’s house. He has an education since he was teacher: “Tobias had taught history and Spanish in high school.” He was fired from there; he’s also been fired from some other jobs, but never for ineptitude. He doesn’t go much out, he just stays home eats potato chips and plays on his guitar, “I haven’t been out all day…”
He doesn’t believe in himself, he
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This also relates to one of the main themes in the story, gender-roles.

One of the main themes in this short story is gender-roles. Historically it was the man supplying for the family, in Miriam’s and Tobias’ case, it’s the other way around. Miriam works and pays all the bills whilst Tobias stays at home doing nothing. “Get us some dinner, love.” This quote (said by Miriam) proves that she is in charge. She is also the paying for dinner, and this may be partially of why Tobias is sad and depressed. He is in charge of nothing in his life, he just stays home while someone else provides for him and tells him what to do. He has no influence over his own life. As soon as he does not obey the rules he is kicked out on the street. The other theme is childishness, even though Tobias is a grown man he acts like a child. “Tobias shrugged and bent down experimentally to touch his toes.” This illustrates, that right after he’s been told he doesn’t have a place to stay anymore, he tries to touch his toes. This proves that he takes nothing seriously, this is a breaking point in his life and he doesn’t understand how important what just happened is. Another proof of childishness in Tobias’ character is that he takes no initiative; he waits for others to act and do things for him. “What’s for dinner?” He asks Miriam, after he’s had all day to prepare dinner for both of them. He doesn’t see the big picture of things, when he is

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