Character Development In Boy's Life By Cory Mackenson

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Cory Mackenson Character Development Hardships are inevitable in life. One would be burdened with the weight of the past if they did not keep moving forward. Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon illustrates the journey of a young boy, Cory Mackenson, as he navigates life and what it means to grow up. Living in a sheltered town in Zephyr, Alabama where seemingly nothing bad ever happens, Cory is ignorant about loss and hardships. However, pivotal events in the novel affect him: the death of his dog, and a murder case in his hometown, both of which aid in his development. When Cory realizes letting go of the past is necessary for growth and prosperity in the future, his outlook on life changes.
At the beginning of Boy’s Life, Cory’s inability to let go is evident in his refusal to euthanize his dog, Rebel, when he was sick. Unable to bear the thought of losing one of his best friends, Cory prayed desperately for Rebel to survive. However, by doing this, he disregarded Rebel’s well being, because even though he was alive, he was in immense pain. Cory knew “...DEATH was hungry [for Rebel],” but he did not want to give Rebel up, saying “...the mighty hand could seal shut his mouth, could slap out his teeth, could reduce DEATH to a
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In McCammon’s novel, Boy’s Life, Cory Mackenson shows great development in this aspect, displaying his ability to let go of the many things that happened to him in his childhood. This ability was necessary for Cory, such as the death of his dog Rebel and a local murder, because if he was not able to let go he would have been burdened with the past. Cory recalled the good memories from his life in Zephyr but did not focus of the bad, moving on to making new memories in his older years. It is impossible for one to move forward in life while holding onto past events; only when one lets go of these events do they

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