Essay on To What Extent Was Slavery A Cause Of The Civil War?

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1. To what extent was slavery a “cause” of the Civil War?

The practice of slavery was a major cause in starting the Civil War for both economic and social reasons. This was because the south was seceding from the Union to protect the Southern way of life and economic practices, in which slavery was the core of both. The South seceded from the Union to protect their way of life. The people of the South believed that their way of life was being threatened because of the initial outcome of the Sectional Crisis of 1850, where it was ruled that the Missouri Compromise of 1820, which outlawed slavery in Maine but allowed it in Missouri and the state of Louisiana, had no power in the rest of the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase, resulting in slavery being outlawed there. The compromise was then replaced by the Kansas- Nebraska Act, which called for popular sovereignty to decide on if the territory would be a “free or slave” state. As a result of this, many people on both sides settled there, making violence common, giving the territory the nickname of “bleeding Kansas.” The state eventually entered the Union as a “free” state. This greatly angered Southern leaders, such as would be Confederate President Jefferson Davis, resulting in secession.
The Southern way of life was very agricultural and rural in general. The majority of the wealthy class lived in large plantation style mansions and owned hundreds and hundreds of slaves a plantation. These slaves fueled an extravagant…

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