Essay on To Kill a Mockingbird Quote Analysis

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Reading Log: To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapters 5-7
“Then I saw the shadow…the shadow of a man with a hat on…the shadow, crisp and toast moved across the porch towards Jem..When it crossed Jem… he went rigid.” (53)

The context of this quote is during their sneaky trip to Boo Radley’s house. This was the last day Dill was going to stay in Maycomb for this year, so they decided to take a quick peek at Radley Place by creeping around the house and looking through the side windows. As they are take a quick peek, the see the shadow of what they think is Boo with a hat on. They go numb with fear, and run for it. As they are leaving the area from under a fence, they hear a shotgun go off from Radley Place.

The quote of narration from Scout
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The quote represents Scouts (as well as Jem’s and Dill’s) childish mentality, and sets the framework for Scouts growth of maturity.

I have a story that is eerily similar to this one. Several blocks down, we had a lady who never came out of the house. The legend in our townhome complex was that two of the kids only saw her face once, and she yelled at them the moment she saw them. She also supposedly looked like a witch, which was definitely a credible description for us 8 year-olds. Soon enough, we set out to see her face once more. The whole pack of us, about 6 people, stood in front of her house while one of us rang the doorbell several times consecutively to bait her out of her house. As we starting sprinting for our lives, we heard the loudest yelling we had ever heard. Our fear of her had spiked up exponentially. But obviously, we needed to this again tomorrow. Same plan, same time, and we went underway. However, this time, we decided to hide behind some bushes adjacent to her house. Fifteen seconds later, she came out in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank beneath her. Our fear had turned to shame and sympathy immediately. The lie of her looking like a witch represents the legends of Boo having fangs and eating cats, and the sympathy we had for this lady in her wheelchair represents Boo having an abusive family as a

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