Titus Andronicus Play Analysis

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Director’s Notebook

Titus Andronicus - by William Shakespeare


A brief summary of the play - Page 1

The play text, its context and the ideas represented in the play - Page 1

My artistic responses, creative ideas and explanations of live theatre as a director - page 2

My directorial intentions and the intended impact on an audience - 7

How i would stage the two moments of the play - 8

Bibliography - 13

Titus Andronicus is a story of the vengeful. It emphasizes the worst things us as human beings could ever commit. It all begins with a man named Titus returning to Rome from twenty years of war. After he lost ten of his sons in the war, he brings a few prisoners, the Queen of Goths, Tamara, and her three
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The only door should be used for the Roman kingdom, besides that, the set design will be mostly minimalistic, reason being there are so many different settings in the play. To stay realistic, in a scene change one can’t magically take apart an elaborate scene and piece together another one in a matter of seconds, it just isn’t possible. The sets, however, will be useful in a way to emerge the audience into the story instead of forcing them to imagine a background on an empty stage, going a bit apart from what Shakespeare does in his set. The characters in this story will be my main focus, as personally, I feel this is what truly brings a play together. To see a person portray true inner feelings has the power to move an audience and touch a person’s heart in a way that is hard to do. In every performance it has it’s own little magic, the actor can’t step in the exact same place every night, and can’t exactly repeat what tear-jerking speech they have said. Each audience gets the same message in a different fashion every night, and this is what makes live theatre such a beautiful thing. Any story can be great, as long as the characters in the story make it great. This is why each character 's costume, and makeup will reflect who they are, and symbolize their role in the telling of this unique and terribly fantastic

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