Title Ix Lawsuit Of Hernandez Vs. Baylor University Essay

1145 Words Nov 14th, 2016 5 Pages
One of the most recent ethical dilemmas in American sport is the Title IX lawsuit of Hernandez vs. Baylor University. This is without a doubt one of the most prominent Title IX lawsuits to be filed in the 2000s. The lawsuit filed by Hernandez specifically states that she was raped by a player on the Bears’ football team, and that the university police refused to accommodate to her specific needs following the incident, simply because the rape occurred off-campus. Also, the lawsuit claims that the university failed to properly train their employees on the appropriate responses to sexual assault, and other Title IX policies. Perhaps the most outstanding piece of information in this case is that the university was aware that the player involved, Tevin Elliott, had a history of related incidents prior to joining the football team. Later, Hernandez and her family took it a step further by contacting Baylor’s student health center and the academic services group. Yet again, the victim was declined due to the fact that the university claimed to be “powerless”. Expanding on this, the lawsuit also implies that the university failed to properly train their employees, officers, and investigators on how to properly respond to allegations of sexual assault, which is one of the major requirements of Title IX. Simply put, Hernandez and her team of attorneys claimed that Baylor University failed to comply with Federal laws relating to Title IX. The fact that it was hidden that Elliott was a…

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