The Court Case Of Thelma White

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On May 17, 1954 Thelma Joyce White went to court against Board of Education. The Corpus Christi Times stated that Thelma White believed racial segregation in schools was a violation to the federal law and was unconstitutional towards the African Americans. She was a very brave woman who did not believed on the Separate but Equal act that was established on the court case Plessey v. Ferguson. Thelma White had a big impact on allowing African Americans to attend the same schools that White people attended. Thelma White was born on January 10, 1936 in small city in Texas called Marlin.
As a small child she moved to El Paso, Texas with her family. White, attended her local public schools. She was a very smart and successful student managed to
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Williams who was an official with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, to the registrar’s office at Texas Western College. At the registers office they met with Alvin Smith who was the Acting president at the time.
“Acting President Alvin Smith met White and Williams and politely explained to the pair that under Texas State law in force at the time, he could not admit White to the college, no matter her qualifications.”
All of Thelma’s work would have been pointless. Getting a valedictorian, Perfect grade all of it would have been a waste of time, but Thelma White was determined and did not wanted to give up that easily. Since she was not able to attend Texas Western College she decided to apply for admission to New Mexico A&M College located in Las Cruces.
“Thelma White sued TWC and the University of Texas Board of Regents in federal court claiming that TWC denied her equal rights as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and as confirmed by the Brown decision.”
Thelma White was so dedicated that she went as far as suing Texas Western College just simply because she believe in equality and not segregation of race. White wanted for African Americans to attend the same school as white
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This was not that common back in the day mostly everyone liked the separate but equal moment especially in Texas. In 1954, El Paso citizens were going to fight directly race based admissions practices at Texas Western College. This was the first time El Pasoans fought for equal rights. Thelma White made this possible for all the city of El Paso.
“On 18 July 1955, When the case came up for a hearing on merits, UT presented Judge Thomason with a motion to dismiss White’s suit as moot given the regent’s decree earlier that month that it would graciously allow blacks to attend Texas Western College, citing as rationale the fact that El Paso school board had opted in favor of ending segregation.
Thelma white was very close at this point to end separate but equal right that was announced in the Plessey v. Ferguson. Thelma White really wanted to attend her local University instead.
“Texas Western College transition to desegregation went as smoothly as its new president, Dysart E. Holcomb and registrar J.M. Whitaker predicted… Twelve blacks, several of them servicemen from Fort Bliss and Biggs Field, joined 3,877 other students that fall, and no violence incidents on the campus

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