Tips For A Day Trip Essay examples

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Phone? Check. Clothes? Check. Toiletries? Check. Food? Check. I had my vitamins this morning and was all ready to go on a 4-day trip to Austin with my G.S. troop, but for some reason I forgot the most important thing of all.

We were at Emmer’s and Rye’s, a small restaurant by the capital, for a private restaurant tour.

We knocked on the door, waiting in the small outdoor dining for a person to open it. A few seconds later a man in his fourties came and opened the door. As we went inside, I noticed that the whole kitchen was visible from any direction. The bar table was lined with bar chairs and on the right side of the room along with one long table and a couple of small tables near the windows. The left side had a bunch of booths that could fit around 4 people each.

“Welcome to Emmer’s and Rye’s,” the man greeted us. He had an average height with dark skin, short brown hair and matching eyes; I also heard an accent in his words, but I couldn’t place it.

He, then, introduced himself as Mr.Tivel. to introduce ourselves one by one. On my turn I had to repeat it a couple of times because my voice refused go above a whisper, but in time, he understood what I tried to convey and began the tour.

He started moving towards the kitchen motioning for us to follow, but soon halted and declared,” We’ll start outside first.”

So we took a trip out the door and to the outdoor dining. At this point that I started feeling a little dizzy, but I just shook it off,…

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