Time Travel Is A Science Fictional Idea Essay

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Time travel is a science fictional idea where a person can travel into the past through some type of time travel machine or method. Time travel is not flying to a country where they might be several days and hours ahead. Time travel occurs when there is a discrepancy between external time and personal time because arrival and departure are separated by two unequal amounts of time(notes). Personal time is time one can see through a wristwatch and external time is the time it takes to arrive to the certain part in the past one wants to go to. This is important to understand because personal time is not really time, but it plays the role in the time travelers life that time plays in the life of a common person (notes). For instance, if I were to travel back in time 20 years, it might take me an hour of my personal time to get there, but my external time may take longer or even shorter amount of time, depending on whether I travel to the past or future. Furthermore, time travel was talked about by a philosopher named David Lewis, who taught philosophy at the University of Princeton. David Lewis made important contributions in the philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophical logic. One of David Lewis’s focuses was on the paradox titled “grandfather” which is an example of a time travel scenario that has a contradiction. My view on time travel is that I disagree with David Lewis and his thorough research of the possibility of time…

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