Theme Of Beauty In The Tiger's Bride

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The tiger will never lie down with the lamb. The lamb must learn to run with the tigers. In life, you can either be a monster, or a man; and the monster always wins. To be a man is to be the lamb, innocent and dictated. To be a monster is to be the tiger, running freely and being independent. In the Tiger’s Bride, Beauty is a lamb, but she must learn to run with the tiger.
In the tiger’s bride, beauty starts as an innocent girl who is consumed with pleasing her father and doing whatever benefits him. “[He] lost me at a game of cards”. Her father is a gambler and he only cares about the money. He loses his innocent daughter while he is playing a game against the beast and that is the first part where she starts to transform. She starts to realize
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Wearing no clothes and walking with pride she goes to where the beast remains, waiting for her. They look deep into each others eyes and a magical moment happens. “[She] felt the harsh velvet of his head against [her] hand, then a tongue, abrasive as sand paper. He will like the skin off [her].”. Beauty is learning how to run with the tigers. “[Her] earrings turned back to water and trickled down [her] shoulders; [She] shrugged the drops off [her] beautiful fur.” In fact, she is becoming one of them. “The beast had chosen to live in an uninhabited place.” He wanted to be away from society so he could live the way he wanted to without people interfering with his way of life. “Nothing human lives here”. The entire palace is full of things but nothing in it is a man. They are all monsters and they all do what they want to do. Although it says none of them are men, the servant seems like he is a robot for the beast. He says what the beast wants him to say and does what the beast wants him to do, a lot like how beauty was with her …show more content…
When you put a lamb in a field of tigers, they will not slow down to worry about it or see what it is. The tigers will go on without a care in the world for what that little thing is. It is the lamb who must get up and learn how to be one of the tigers. That is how the lamb will succeed. It’s the same in real life. The “monsters” don’t care what people think of them. They go about their daily lives and do whatever they want to do. Nothing can hold the back from living their lives because they just want to live. The men on the other hand, they care about what other people perceive them as. They always want to look the best, act the best, be the best. In order for a man to live life the way it should be lived, is to transform himself. He needs to become a monster, or a tiger. “There are certainly men more monstrous than [him]… [she] likes [him]better, even with [his] looks, than men who hide false, corrupt and ungrateful hearts behind charming manners.”. All of the men care so much about their appearance to everyone else that they are corrupt people hiding behind these masks so that everyone still thinks they are the perfect people everyone wants to

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