Tiger Woods Essay

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What makes golf the phenomenal sport it is today? Is it the game itself? Some say golf started in fifteenth century Scotland by men hitting a pebble with a wooden stick. Currently, graphite drivers routinely send the ball soaring 300 yards. Perhaps it was the golfers who made the game great. Arnold Palmer brought golf to the masses in the 1950’s and Jack Nicklaus has set records that have yet to be broken. However, today sports commentators, pro golfers, and weekend duffers, generally agree the game of golf has been changed forever with the arrival of Tiger Woods. Eldrick “Tiger” Woods was born on the 30th of December 1975, the only child to biracial parents Earl, a retired lieutenant in the army, and Kultida a stay-at-home …show more content…
“While trudging to the tenth tee, Tiger realized what he was doing wrong--¬¬¬¬ his backswing was way too long, resulting in errant shots.” Once Tiger corrected the flaw in his swing, he bounced right back. He birdied holes ten, twelve, and thirteen, eagled his fifteenth hole, and then finished the last two holes with a birdie, then par, for an amazing back nine score of thirty. Tiger finished the first day with a two under par 70, which was only three shots back from the leader, John Huston. On Friday Tiger pulled off an astounding 66 to take a three-shot lead, and by Saturday Tiger had increased his lead by nine, shooting a 65. His mother encouraged him to wear red on the final tournament day for good luck. Obviously it seemed to work, because he shot an incredible final round of 69, breaking half a dozen Masters records that day. Tiger won the title by an inconceivable twelve shots, and destroyed the previous Augusta National Masters Golf Tournament record with a score of 270, which is eighteen under par. Tiger was the first black player to win the Masters, which was exactly fifty years after Jackie Robinson, broke the color barrier in pro sports. This gigantic win, at one of golf’s most prestigious major golf tournaments, launched Tigers’ career. Tiger marched into a racially white dominated state that was full of old money and conquered a game that was usually reserved for the privileged

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