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Proctor and Gamble’s Tide detergent was introduced in the United States in 1946 and has grown into the market leader both in the U.S and many other countries around the world. Tide is it’s the bestselling detergent worldwide, far outselling the many of the company’s other detergent lines. In 2000 Proctor and Gamble launched the Tide brand in India to complement their existing high end Ariel line and to challenge lower cost domestic brands.
U.S. Product
Procter and Gamble is an American company based in Cincinnati, Ohio that manufactures a variety of household goods. P&G’s philosophy of constantly innovating and striving to meet consumer’s
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Because of this claim Tide sets itself up as the best, most trusted detergent available in the U.S. market.
U.S. Price
As was previously stated, P&G offers up its Tide brand as the best in quality in the laundry detergent market. This positioning as the best in class allows for a pricing strategy that allows Tide to be offered successfully at a higher price point than other brands. Recently, in order to compete with lower priced brands, P&G has introduced Tide Basic. This is a less expensive version of the original that is packaged in a yellow box, rather than Tide’s signature orange. It doesn’t have the noted color-preservation abilities of regular Tide, but it costs twenty percent less.
U.S. Place
The Tide brand is widely distributed throughout the U.S. It can be found in large discount stores, high end grocery stores and mom and pop stores alike. The signature orange bottle is usually the “anchor” brand in every detergent aisle. It can even be found in what would seem to be unrelated venues such as Menard’s stores and gas stations. Tide can also be purchased off the internet at various sites and shipped directly to the customer.

U.S. Promotion
In the U.S. market P&G uses two main ideas to promote its Tide products. The first is the idea that the Tide brand, with its wide array of choices, can meet all the needs of a modern American family. It also emphasis superior qualities over the

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