Tiberius 's Brother Gaius Met The Same Fate Essay

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Tiberius’s brother Gaius met the same fate tragically ten years later. Gaius 's reforms were centered on three major areas of Rome; judiciary, economics and the military. The two major judicial reforms concerned magistrates. The first item of reform was to prohibit magistrates who had been deposed from holding office a second time. The second and final part of the judicial reforms was to give the People the ability to prosecute any magistrate who had exiled any citizen without a trial (this was thought to have been as a result of what happened to supporters of Tiberius). Economically speaking, Gaius worked to expand the land reforms set in motion by his late brother. He planned large oversea colonies to provide for thousands of Roman citizens and Italians. He supported a law known as Lex Frumentaria that required the state to buy grain supplies imported from North Africa and Sicily and to store them in bulk, which facilitated the distribution of a monthly ration to Roman citizens at a low cost. He also helped to establish legislation that led to the creation of a widespread secondary road system that supported better means of communication and trade throughout Italy. Gaius 's military reforms came through the passage of a law known as Lex Militaris which required the government to clothe and equip Roman soldiers without deductions from their pay, shortened the term of military service, and made it illegal to draft boys who were under the age of seventeen. In addition to…

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