Through The Eyes Of A Crippled By Rodrigo Rey Rosa Essay

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Through The Eyes of A Crippled

The Good Cripple a novel by Rodrigo Rey Rosa portrays the social life of Central America through a story of a father and a son. The story revolves around the violence, corruption, and civil war. Around the time in which the novel takes place in Guatemala there is a post-civil war going on. This highly connects to the story of the father and the son in The Good Cripple. Figuratively the father takes the role of the government while the son takes the role of the citizen. In the novel the son parts from the oppression of his father, but when the son known as Juan Luis Luna is kidnapped he is obligated to desperately seek the help of his father. However, the father Don Carlos does not take action until he receives the left foot of his son. Argumentatively Rodrigo Rey Rosa is trying to show the oppression of the citizens and the negligence of the government in Central America specifically in Guatemala by the issues of violence, corruption, and the civil war.

At the beginning of the novel Juan Luis Luna is an independent man who lives away from his father. Juan Luis Luna does this because his father is a bad man and Juan Luis wants nothing to do with his father. Don Carlos is a corrupt man with a cold heart and is also immoral. It took drastic measures for Don Carlos to do something about the kidnapping of his son. When Juan Luis Luna was kidnapped Don Carols did not act immediately not even when a toe was sent along…

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