What Are The Three Theoretical Perspectives In Sociology

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Sociology is the scientific study of behavior and groups of people. Sociology is the study of relationships and how those relationships can affect a person or cultures and their reaction or behavior. Sociology studies the relationship and how it grows and changes. There are three theoretical views that help us view a society in a different way other than the view we may already have based on our own culture and past exposure to situations. The three theoretical views are the functionalist perspective, conflict perspective and the interactionist perspective. They each are used to study a society but each differs in their views on a society, the individual, social order and social change. Functionalist perspective views society as a complex …show more content…
Television advertises many different products and convinces the audience that these products will benefit them and that they need the products. In reality the big businesses are receiving big profit on convincing the viewer that they need to buy their product. Television can also sway politics. When a person sees their favorite actor saying that they are going to vote for a specific candidate. that viewer may then also vote for that candidate based on the opinion of their favorite actor not the candidate 's political standpoint. The interactionist perspective views television as a way to shape and alter the individuals situation. For example, television can promote friendship by people inviting their friend over to watch the new episode of a television show or a sports game. Television can also expose young minds to offensive language, crime, drugs, sex and violence. Also, parents may use television consistently to keep their children quiet. Evaluating the role of television in the United States from each perspective can give us a better understanding of all the effects it has on our

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