Three Reasons My Family Makes A Family Unhappy And Happy Together

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There are many different reasons a family can be unhappy and happy together. Some reasons I have brought together that make my family unhappy are deaths, divorce, when I brought a puppy home, dad smoking, money, and more. Out of all of these, three really stuck out to me. According to Leo Tolstoy, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Money, Divorce, and Death are the three main reasons the stuck out to me on why my family is unhappy. The first topic that started to make my family unhappy was my mom and dad discussing their money issues. Money played a huge role with my parents because they always fought about who would pay what bill or who would buy what for the family. My parents always fighting …show more content…
When my parents got a divorce my brother and I had a very hard time figuring out whom we wanted to live with. My brother automatically just stayed with my dad, but the day my mom moved out I wanted to go with her and when I got in the car I looked over to my dad and you could tell by his face that he was very upset about it. So my mom looked at me and told me that it would be okay if I stayed with him until everything was figured out. Sense I was only about eight or ten years old I did have a choice on who I could live with so I had to split the week evenly between both parents. Me and my dad never really got along, I mean we had our ups and downs but during the whole process of them getting a divorce it was a struggle. After about a year or so doing that I only wanted to live with my mom because I never really did anything when I was at my dads house. My mom finally went to court to try and get full custody of me and one day she told me I had to go in and talk to a lawyer. Meanwhile I had a notebook of everything my dad said or did. A few things I told the lawyer was that my dad one day called me a “french whore” because I was wearing my moms perfume. Another was that whenever I was there I would sit in my room and he would sit in his and we wouldn 't talk. My dad never really had the money so he would never have food around the house. Lastly when I …show more content…
Losing my grandfather on my dads side of the family was the most painful death of them all. He was the one that always kept that side of the family together. All my aunts and uncles would always be up at my grandparents house and I would see them all the time and it was nice having a close family like that. As soon as my grandfather passed away my dads side of the family started to talk less and less each day. They started to not see each other as often and sort of just focused on them more than family. For us cousins on that side of the family it really sucked for us because to me it felt like I was losing my family. Every time my dad and his siblings did see each other all they would ever do was fight on who would pay the bills from my grandfathers funeral or who would get what. My Aunt Debbie and Aunt Tammy both agreed that my dad could get my grandfathers ring and my Uncle Steve was very jealous but they all knew that my dad was closer to him then they all were. After everything was sorted out with my grandfathers things they all stopped talking. For holidays we would only all come together at one house because thats what my grandma wanted. For that said it never really seemed to me as a family anymore because it wasn 't fair only seeing them twice a year; for Thanksgiving and then for Christmas. Meanwhile on other families instead of deaths tearing them apart like mine did it brought them

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