Informative Essay On Poverty

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According to poverty is defined, “the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor”. In todays society it is heartbreaking, but there are many people that are still living in poverty. According to the U.S department of public health and services the poverty line for a family of four in 2015 is $24,250. In 2012 the poverty line was $23,283 so it has not changed much in the last couple years. When a family is living in poverty it does not only affect the parent(s), but it also affects the children too. After doing some research I have found three major factors that influence a child’s education and health when living in poverty. The first major influence is when a parent …show more content…
In the Annie Casey report it said that there are many kids that do not have health insurance if families do not have health insurance for their kids then the child will most likely not be able to go to the doctor to get the proper treatment that they might need. Also, if the parents have a job, but not good education then they probably do not have the means to get health insurance through their work, which could help the family out when one became sick. Good nutrition is also something that kids living in poverty might have to go without, which affects their health greatly. Substance abuse, maternal depression, and family violence also put children’s health at risk (Casey Foundation, 2014. Pg.33). When a mom is pregnant and living in poverty she does not have the means to eat well, and take care of herself the way that she should. That could result in low birthrate, which could cause health problems later on in life. Another issue is that a teenager that is living in poverty is more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, engage in sexual activity, drive under the influence, and commit crimes (Casey Foundation, 2014. Pg.35). All of these factors could have long and short term physical and mental health problems as well as performing poorly academically, and dropping out (Casey Foundation, 2014.Pg 35). Weather you are a child living in poverty, or a teenager it still causes problems with your health in many different ways. Lastly, I will go over how family and the community can cause educational and health problems for

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