Three Major Effects Of The Columbian Exchange

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The 3 major effects of the Columbian exchange were the passing of diseases, plants and animals, and Native American conquest. These didn’t just effect people back then, but still effect modern day people and they may not even know it. Diseases caused many new branches of medical treatment, plants and animals effect how we eat today, and Native American conquest brought many new opportunities to the new world. One of the major effects of the Columbian Exchange were diseases. The Great Dying is linked to diseases since diseases were the main factor to contribute to the dying population. Smallpox and other diseases caused many Native Americans to die since they were not immune like the conquerors were. Some accounts kept by people living during that time say that the population of the Americas dropped drastically from 22 million in 1500 to less than 1 million in 1640. From these statistics and many others we see that diseases were a huge impact on the New World …show more content…
Spain signed the Treaty of Tordesillas which gave them most of the rights to the New World. When Spain traveled over to the New World they saw that Native Americans were living there. Since the Native Americans didn’t really understand what was going on Hernando Cortes and Francisco Pizarro took advantage at the lack of understanding from the Native Americans. It says in ABC-Clio that Cortes beat the Inca Empire and battle making the Spanish conquer most of the New World, this included America, Central America, Cuba, and Florida. In conclusion The Columbian Exchange had many effects on the New World and the old world as well. Since many of these trades weren’t one way the old world got new crops, animals, and diseases. This shows that this didn’t just effect people back then, but still effects people today. The 3 major effects of the Columbian Exchange show how things that happened a long time ago still effect people to this

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