Essay on Three Main Components Of The Criminal Justice System

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In college, Criminal Justice majors are being taught that there are three main components of the criminal justice system: law enforcement, the courts, and corrections. Law enforcement designates specialized teams that enforce the law, maintain order, and provide services to protect members of the community. The courts ensure that the accused person is viewed as innocent unless they are proven guilty of criminal behavior and determine how they should be punished if found guilty of alleged transgressions. Corrections supervise and counsel convicted offenders in an effort to prevent future crime and protect the public (Bohm and Haley). The moment a person endangers, threatens, or violates another’s rights, they immediately become involved with this system; at the same time, every single person, who contributes to society, has to deal with at least one component of the criminal justice system. Simply acquiring a background check will place a mundane citizen in the same facility as a serial, sexual sadist. So by improving just one component of this system, everyone ranging from average-joe to criminal would benefit greatly. Because adolescents’ brains are not fully matured, their decision-making and thought processes differ from those of adults. It is developmentally normal for adolescents to take greater risks and show greater susceptibility to peer influences than adults. These differences can contribute to behaviors that lead to involvement with the juvenile justice system…

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