Three Long Term Smart Goals Essay

737 Words Apr 26th, 2016 3 Pages
Three Long-Term SMART Goals The first long-term goal to develop my professional leadership skills will be to complete my WGU masters program. It is definitely specific. It can be measured by my completion. It is achievable, realistic, and timely. It is the first true step I have taken to advance at my job. The second is to attend a minimum of three professional development opportunities, for my position at the college, each year, for the next 3 years. To accomplish this will require adequate budgeting, time management, and commitment to completing the goal. They can be accomplished either by travel and personal attendance or by webinar. It is important to remain current in the requirements of my position and this can be accomplished by networking with professionals from other institutions that have similar job duties. The third goal will be to focus on reaching the goals of the college as described in the 5-year strategic plan. My first two long-term goals will enhance the opportunity to be a valuable contributor to this goal. My department has direct affect on a large portion of the college’s strategic plan and my focus and influence could be a major factor in reaching those goals. I can tie my measurement to the measurement matrix that we are using to review the accomplishments of the college’s goals. I would consider it a great accomplishment if my contribution was viewed as significant in the completion of the college’s plan. All three of these goals fulfill the…

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