Three Dimensional Space Essay

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In this project I will talk about curves in three space, also known as curves in three dimensional space or 3 - D. Many of us are familiar with two dimensional space or 2- D. It is called two dimension space because it has two axes: the x-axes and the y-axes. Three dimensional space is represented by the symbol it is called three dimensional space because three axes are used to draw, and the three axes are: x, y, and z.

Figure 01: Standard axes of 3 dimensions This is the standard axes of three dimensional or 3- D. Most of the time it only shows the positive value, though the negative value can be added. Three dimensional space use almost the same formula that is used in two dimensions. The formula that we use in two dimensions has
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In three space we have planes, if we look on the graph the point R is on the plane yz, the point S is on the plane xz, and the point Q is on the xy plane. In three dimension we can find the equation of each plane by setting one of the coordinate equal to zero. If we want to find the equation of the plane xy we must set z equal to zero, if we want to find the equation of the xz plane we must set y equal to zero, and if we want the equation of the yz plane we must set x equal …show more content…
For example GPS, and Cellphone apps use 3-D to determine the location of places, and people. The location of peoples or cars in GPS, and apps are determined by the movements done by people or cars. These movement can be curves or lines. For example GPS use the formula between points to find the location of people by using two points or more points. For engineers 3-D, or curves in three space play a big role in many things they use or make. Engineers must understand how three dimensions graph work because engineers use AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) to draw objects. AutoCAD is an engineer program that use three dimensions space to help engineer draw or make objects. The planes xy, yz, and xz that is used in math class have a different name in AutoCAD. In AutoCAD planes are called: Front, Top, and Right.
In AutoCAD Engineer must choose a plane before he starts drawing. For example if engineer starts his drawing in front plane or xy plane he must use the extrude bottom in the program to see the projection of the drawing in the others planes (top, right, or yz, xz) and make sure that the projection in the others planes have the right shape and size for his

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