Essay on Thomson 's And Marquis 's Views On Abortion

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Thomson’s and Marquis’ Views on Abortion
The subject of abortion is a highly controversial topic, with each side firmly believing that the opposing view is prima facie immoral. Much discussion regarding abortion is focused on whether or not a fetus can be categorized as a person. Many assume that if a fetus is labeled as a person, then it would be wrong to kill it; however, if a fetus has not reached personhood, then it should be fine to end its life. Judith Thomson decides to circumvent this discussion, realizing that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to determine at which point a fetus becomes a person with a right to life. For the sake of argumentation, Judith assumes that a fetus is a person. However, instead of automatically assuming that this makes it immoral to end the fetus’ life, Judith spends the majority of her discussion contemplating whether or not this should stop a women from being allowed to terminate her pregnancy.
To increase comprehensibility, Thomson creates hypothetical situations illustrating her points, and then analogically argues why they support her views. Thomson primarily discusses whether abortion is permissible in the case of rape; to illustrate this, she brings up a hypothetical situation about a famous violinist. The violinist is suffering from a rare ailment in which there is only one person who can save him. The only way to accomplish this is for the violinist to be attached to that person’s bloodstream for nine months,…

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