Thomas Paine 's Rights Of Man Essay

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Prosperity, freedom, and acceptance infatuate the mind when the words, “The United States of America,” are spoken. Instantly when America is mentioned, people think of majestic eagles, red and white and blue, freedom, and hamburgers. The forefathers founded this country on the Declaration of Independence and provided inalienable rights to its citizens through the Bill of Rights. What America did with those documents helped other countries create their own declarations for independence and bills of rights for their citizens. Immigrants from all over the world use all of their resources and even risk their lives, just to have a chance in this majestic land of freedom. Famous thinkers such as Thomas Paine agree with this notion about America and its greatness. In Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man, he talks about the greatness of America; however, that was written about 224 years ago. So is this idea still relevant today? America has changed. While some of Thomas Paine’s points still hold true today like cultural diversity and freedom of worship; several assertions made by him, such as the rich being unprivileged and the government being justly, are different and even sometimes the opposite. One of Thomas Paine’s assertions that are still true is how America has lots of different cultures intermingling. In his book, Rights of Man, Thomas Paine writes that America is, “ made up as it is, of people from different nations, accustomed to different forms of habits of governments,…

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