Essay on Thomas Paine And The American Revolution

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The acclaimed author Thomas Paine wrote, “It is not in numbers, but in unity, that our great strength lies; yet our present numbers are sufficient to repel the force of all the world,” in his revolutionary pamphlet, Common Sense (Paine 36). He was only one of the many voices in the late 1700’s that yearned for America’s independence and made the effort to coax colonists into fighting for their freedom. The American colonies during this time felt as if they were stuck under Great Britain’s influence and believed that they were unable to become completely prosperous until they were finally in control. Published in 1776, Paine’s pamphlet was a collection of ideas regarding emancipation and was made to inspire the colonists of America to divide from Britain ("Thomas Paine Publishes Common Sense"). By reading it they questioned their loyalty to the country that created them and were persuaded into starting the American Revolution.
In 1774 Thomas Paine departed from his hometown Thetford, England, and arrived in America where he found the inspiration to write his pamphlet (“Thomas Paine”). He was motivated by the colonists way of life and noticed how being controlled by Britain was not beneficial to them. On the other hand he knew that publishing his story would cause fury in Britain, especially with the king. This is true because Common Sense praises the American colonists but damns the British monarchy which in the end make the two sides have different opinions on him. Paine…

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