Thomas More, An Influential Statesman And A Catholic Martyr Essay

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Thomas More an internationally famous author, vigorous polemicist, an influential statesman and a catholic martyr. A man of many talents to say the least, was born on February 7th, 1478 in London, England. Throughout More’s life he accomplished many things including becoming a well-respected lawyer, appointed as Cardinal Wolsey as Lord Chancellor, being a part of the trade embassy, becoming speaker of the house in 1523, being a part of the court of Henry VIII are some of his most famous accomplishments. But his most famous accomplishment is probably writing Utopia. A book about an ideal society. In book one Thomas More (who is not only the main character but also the author) travels with the King of England Henry VIII as his ambassador to Antwerp. On his free time from his duties, More spots his friend Peter Giles talking to another man named Raphael Hythloday, who has traveled the world and is also a philosopher. Giles introduces Raphael and More and they then head back to Peter’s house to talk. While they talk Raphael begins to tell Peter and More about his travels which they find very interesting. Throughout his lifetime Raphael has traveled to many places and has even been with the famous explorer Amerigo Vespucci. One of the many places he visited was the island of Utopia. Throughout their conversation Peter and More realize how intelligent Raphael is and how much information he has on the world from all his travels which would make a great adviser to the king.…

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