Thomas Jefferson And The United States Of America Essay

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WithouWithout doubt the works of Thomas Jefferson have defined a great deal the history of the United States of America. His brilliance and rivalry with fellow cabinet member Alexander Hamilton in the George Washington’s cabinet has defined governance issues in the United States of America. Principally Thomas Jefferson was author of the declaration for independence and had served as governor of Virginia and minister in to the republic of France before being appointed as secretary of state by George Washington.
Jefferson as a reformer
The questions that lingered early on were whether in starting a new government it was prudent to follow precedents of governments or begin from scratch. This was amongst the decisions that had confronted the new Virginia assembly and the proposals of Jefferson were received and dismissed since there was a need for a fuller consensus on the issue. Nonetheless he was put in charge of reviewing the laws of Virginia while making additions to the laws and deletions if necessary. One of the people who were to work under him was James Madison who was to establish a relationship with Jefferson which would last for half a century.
The laws that Jefferson and company were reviewing had been crafted under the existing British laws which gave the right to vote to males of the European descent and who had property holdings. These laws had made the ruling class of Virginia a preserve for select few and predicated along family lines. Virginia ruling class was…

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