Thomas Hobbes 's ' Leviathan ' Essay

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Thomas Hobbes’s motivation behind the book, Leviathan, is derived from the perception of a man and his intellect Hobbes purpose is to comprehend the condition of a man, which leads to the understanding of mankind, because the state of a man is nothing but artificial. To elaborate this notion, what dominates a man is his soul therefore the guidance is brought by a man’s joint and the consequences of an action are related to the nerves of a man. Hobbes claims the best way to understand mankind is to turn their thinking inwards and study oneself, which leads to understanding our thoughts, desires, and reflecting on the origin of these beliefs.
According to Leviathan, the logical way to comprehend the thoughts of a man is through its senses; the text states, “This is no conception in a man’s mind, which hath not at first totally, or by parts, been begotten upon the organs of sense.” (Hobbes p.8) By this he means our thoughts and knowledge comes from within our senses and the physical world. The idea of sense is a motion according to Hobbes and his idea of nature is as follows, the external world has motion and this is where the matter aimlessly communicates with one another. A human is also part of the external world, we are no different than an object and we communicate the same way using motion. The way we sense objects is by the motion it creates and the pressure it brings to communicate with our sensory organs. This interaction causes a set of motion in our body that our…

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