Essay on Thomas Edison, A Great Inventor And Philanthropist

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“I have not failed. I 've just found ten thousand ways that won 't work” (Famous). Thomas Edison was a great inventor and philanthropist. With over one thousand patents, he explored and improved technologies of the eighteenth century. Through his diligent work, successes and failures his perseverance changed the world. Some of his successes include: The incandescent light bulb, modern electric utility system, the phonograph, the kinetoscope, and the alkaline battery. Thomas Edison shaped the world through his technological exploration and his many inventions and hard work. Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. Edison attended a total of twelve weeks of public school. Edison was a hyper child and was always distracted which made his teacher deem him “difficult”. His mother, a teacher by trade, began to homeschool him when no other school would accept him. By the age of 12, (You use Edison other places. I would be consistent and use first or last name throughout.)Edison had read as many books as he could on science and technology, he by many standards was an adult.
Edison being a self-learner and tinkerer, started his own business at the age of 14. With daily teletypes coming into the train station with the pre- Civil war debates, Thomas would take the current information and pick out the “newsworthy scoops”. Edison created his own newspaper The Weekly Herald and had over three hundred subscribers. This was one of the first publications ever…

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